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More About Dr. Milane . . .

Dr. Milane has very high standards for herself and for the world around her.  The impetus for this is that she has overcome/ is continually overcoming many hardships in life, such as the death of her twin sister, and feels that it is imperative for success and productivity to turn adversity into a constructive experience.  Dr. Milane lives by the adage, ‘what doesn’t kill you, will make you stronger’ but believes positivity is a choice in the face of adversity.  Family, health, and a positive attitude are very important to Dr. Milane.  In her free time, Dr. Lara Milane is working on a book about her twin sister, Samantha Jabr.  Dr. Milane continues to dedicate her work in loving memory to Samantha.

Our Story


Dr. Milane is continually seeking to connect with other scientists and educators and enjoys productive research and teaching collaborations.