Dr. Milane's research interests are in cancer biology, mitochondrial nanomedicines, cellular communication (exosomes and tunneling nanotubes), and translational nanomedicines. Dr. Milane's aim is to improve the lives of patients with pathologies related to mitochondrial dysfunction and hyper-intercellular communication.  Dr. Milane is currently developing a nanomedicine that inhibits mitochondrial fusion and lower the apoptotic threshold in Multidrug Resistant (MDR) Triple Negative Breast Cancer (TNBC) and a nanomedicine that inhibits cell communication and metastasis in MDR ovarian cancer.  Dr. Milane's future projects include a nanomedicine for treating neurodegenerative disease and progerias by increasing the mitochondrial network and mitophagy.

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Hallmarks of Cancer

One of Dr. Milane's areas of excellence is in cancer biology.  She has such deep insight into the biology of the disease, that she has distinguished three emerging hallmarks of cancer.  Watch snapshots of Dr. Milane teaching these hallmarks (plasticity, heterogeneity, stemness/quiescence) . . .

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Dr. Milane is the recent recipient of the Bouvé College of Health Sciences Distinguished Educator Award for Graduate Teaching (January 2021, Northeastern University) and a current nominee for the University Teaching Award.  As well as teaching advanced laboratory courses, Dr. Milane creates dynamic, active learning experiences.  In Fall 2020, Dr. Milane created a SARS-CoV-2 Summit activity with a comprehensive lecture and team sessions centered on developing solutions to critical COVID-19 related problems.  Dr. Milane is also an expert (and peer faculty mentor) in online education and team based learning (TBL) .  She is fluent with many online and TBL softwares including Articulate's Storyline and Rise and Intedashboard.   Dr. Milane is also an advocate for women in science and has a history of community based outreach through education.

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Dr. Milane is . . .

a high-energy, enthusiastic scientist and educator seeking to impact the world through . . .

  • Translational nanomedicine
  • Advancements in mitochondrial medicine
  • Tunneling nanotube studies
  • Effective education
  • Community outreach
  • Advocating for women in science

Dr. Milane having a discussion on the hallmarks of cancer during a flipped session


Dr. Milane is continually seeking to connect with other investigators and educators and enjoys productive research and teaching collaborations.