Dr. Milane's research interests are in cancer biology and nanomedicine. Dr. Milane's aim is to exploit the hallmarks of cancer with molecularly targeted nanomedicines that simultaneously deliver multiple drugs with improved combination indexes.  Dr. Milane would also like to advance the field of personalized medicine by developing molecularly paired first- and second-line nanomedicines for cancer.

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Hallmarks of Cancer

Dr. Milane's excellence is in cancer biology.  She has such deep insight into the biology of the disease, that she has distinguished three emerging hallmarks of cancer.  Watch snapshots of Dr. Milane teaching these hallmarks (plasticity, heterogeneity, stemness/quiescence) . . .

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Dr. Milane is a passionate educator and focuses on active learning.  Dr. Milane has developed multiple online courses, flipped classes, and team based learning sessions.  As of recently, Dr. Milane is a proponent for peer evaluation as a level of accountability in team based learning sessions.  Dr. Milane is also an advocate for women in science and has a history of community based outreach through education.

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Dr. Milane is . . .

a high-energy, enthusiastic scientist and educator seeking to impact the world through . . .

  • Her research in cancer biology
  • The clinical translation of her nanomedicines for cancer
  • Her scientific communications and ideas
  • Education and inspiration of the next generation
Dr. Milane having a discussion on the hallmarks of cancer during a flipped session


Dr. Milane is continually seeking to connect with other scientists and educators and enjoys productive research and teaching collaborations.